The Lima Beer Scene


When I moved to Lima, I thought I was going to have to sacrifice my love for craft beer and the ambiance of a good pub.  However, to my delight, I found out upon my arrival that Lima actually has a thriving chela (the word for beer in limeño) scene with fantastically cheap pints and homey bars galore!  Whether you are planning a proper pub crawl, or just want to drop in for a pint or two, take a look at my list of favorite breweries, or cervecerias, around Lima!

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What to do if you lost your passport in Peru


After a trip to Machu Picchu, I realized that I had unfortunately left my passport on a tour bus I had booked off the street. After criss-crossing Cusco and battling all day with the tour company my passport was still never found. With a planned flight for Lima the next morning I was worried I wouldn’t be able to return without a passport and was left wondering what to do. I spent hours online researching, waiting in unnecessary lines and wasting time.

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Monumental Callao


        When living in Lima, Peru, you may have heard some things about the district of Callao. It has a reputation and definitely not the best one, but after reading this article you might change your mind. Monumental Callao is space that has been revolutionized into a small pocket of vibrant culture created by a collaborative artist community. Read here to see how this neighborhood which was once full of crime and violence has been transformed through art and culture. If you’re looking to learn more about the local art scene in Lima, Monumental Callao is the place to be!

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How to Survive Lima as a Vegetarian (& other Dietary Restrictions)


      If you tell a someone you are moving to Lima, Peru, they will most likely mention the world-renowned gastronomy. Your first encounter with a local Peruvian will likely include a question about which Peruvian dish is your favorite. And if you ask any expat, “What is the best part of living in Lima?,” nine out of ten times they will respond, “the food.”

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A Home on Lake Titicaca

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In middle school geography class, you learn about Lake Titicaca’s quality of being the highest navigable body of water in the world.  At that point in time, it was just a funny name in a textbook to me.  Little did I know it would quickly become one of the most beautiful and memorable places I have had the privilege to explore in my second home of Peru.

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