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Beach in Ecuador

Situated at the intersection of the northern and southern hemisphere, Ecuador is a small but vibrant country, considered by many to be the most biodiverse in the world. With beaches, mountains, and a tropical rainforest, Ecuador offers variety and diversity for any traveler to enjoy.

Continental Ecuador consists of three regions: the beautiful coast in the west, the breathtaking Andes in the center, and the vibrant Amazon jungle in the east, known locally as the “oriente.” The fourth region in the country is the Galapagos, the islands off of the coast that feature scenic beaches and a unique wildlife. Hop from island to island and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the rich and colorful sea life that exist amongst the islands.

“What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it.”

– Juliette Binoche

In addition to the Galapagos, mainland Ecuador is something that no traveler should skip. At the center of it all is Quito, the country’s capital and the first city ever to be declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Surrounded by mountains, Quito is the second-largest capital in the world, behind only La Paz in Bolivia. Discover the city’s charm by exploring its old town, which features a blend of colonial and post-independence architecture. Travel around 25 km north of Quito to the Middle of the World City, known locally as “La Mitad del Mundo” and snap a photo in front of the monument that marks the general equator.

Escape the city and explore the rest of the Andes through a range of hiking treks and mountain biking adventures. Cotopaxi National Park, located in the central Andes, features one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and great panoramic views of the mountain range. Then head east and explore the wonders of the Ecuadorian Amazon, a tropical rain forest that spreads through six Ecuadorian provinces.

Located just at the edge of the Amazon, the city of Tena serves as a good starting point for travelers to explore the rest of the basin. Embark on a trek through the living jungle, explore the mystic caves or engage in whitewater rafting through the country’s cleanest and most scenic rivers.

Full of scenic landscapes, biodiversity and multiculturalism, Ecuador is a country that no traveler should miss.

With its mixture and blends of traditions, languages and foods, Ecuador is a country that embraces the hybrid of cultures that define Latin America. Traveling through this country is truly an adventure.

The coastal lowlands of Ecuador feature beach towns that serve as relaxing destinations for travelers looking for a slower pace. Savor the temperate weather in this region or practice surfing in some of the world’s best surfing destinations.