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Adventure Travel

Adventure Tourism gets your blood flowing and heart racing by taking you to an unusual, exotic, or remote destinations. There you will take part in activities designed for high levels of involvement and activity by the traveler. Those who take part in these trips are explorers of the unspoiled, exotic parts of our planet and an inner world of personal challenge and self-perception. With these trips, the traveler will expect the unexpected.

Cultural Travel

Cultural tourism is a unique opportunity for travelers to become deeply immersed in local rituals and customs. You will leave these fantastic locations with more than a photo; you will pack unique experiences, memories, and new friends with you when you return home. With Good Life Travels, your participation in these cultural excursions will encourage local communities to embrace and celebrate their own unique culture. Cultural trips focus on the authentic exchange between traveler and community.


Ecotourism is for those that love and appreciate the environment and the natural world around them. They take part in river cruises, long mountain treks, and stays in jungle lodges in order to become as close to nature as possible. While the intent is almost always the same, a crucial difference is how these tours are provided and if environmental responsibility shares top priority among traveler enjoyment. Ecotourism should focus on a strong balance between enjoyment and sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local cultures and biodiversity.

Luxury Travel

For us luxury is not just about opulence and the amazing amenities like marble bathtubs or high thread count on your sheets. Luxury goes far beyond the material, to include the location, the guides, and most of all, the luxury of knowing that everything is under control. The service received, the wisdom of the travel advisor, the experience and all it entails, should all have an air of being a cut-above before the trip even begins. Luxury travel means you can sit back, relax, and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that every detail will exceed your expectations from the moment you make that first phone call until you arrive safely at home. It is travel without stress, pressure of time or daily routine, where your every need is pre-empted and your every expectation is surpassed.

Gastronomic Tourism

Gastronomic or Culinary tourism is not limited to gourmet food at the finest restaurants a city has to offer. Culinary tourism embodies as much cuisine as it does culture in any specific region. It is the high-end meal you eat at an exclusive restaurant, but it is also those hidden treats found on the side streets. Culinary tourism is the literal bread and butter of what any country has to offer. It’s what gives our stories life and is about what is unique, authentic and memorable about every region you visit.


“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson