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Voluntourism for Conscious Travelers

Ask us how your next vacation can make a difference

Traveling and Volunteering have always shared a common goal. Returning home both empowered and with a new take on the world around you. Good Life Travels ensures that your Tourism is always Voluntourism.

To give is to receive

Do you only have enough time to see the wonders of what a country has to offer? By booking your vacation with Good Life Travels you are being a responsible traveler and helping to empower local communities. A Good Life vacation will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture while Good Life ensures supporting sustainable community development projects in the countries you visit.

When you live the Good Life you share the Good Life

Travel and tourism can be a powerful tool to create jobs, boost local economies, promote cross-cultural awareness, and foster peace. Now your trip can do even more! Good Life Travels donates 5% of annual profits to support the sustainability and growth of the Non-Profit MEDLIFE. This means you are taking more than a vacation, you are also improving the lives of the people you meet. Imagine an adventure that not only allows you to see the Wonders of the World, but also allows you to bring electricity to a community or build a child care center.

How does Good Life Voluntourism work?

  • – Good Life is 100% owned by the Non-Profit MEDLIFE
  • – 5% of the profits from every Good Life vacation are donated to MEDLIFE Patients
  • – If you want to take part in Volunteering yourself, simply tell your Travel Advisor
  • – Keep up with our blog to see how Good Life is putting your last vacation to use.


“Let us work together to maximize the immense potential of tourism to drive inclusive economic growth, protect the environment and promote sustainable development and a life of dignity for all.”
– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon