What is a Good Life trip?

what makes it different?

Oh the places you’ll go

Let us design a Good Life Trip for you

Taking a trip for the true traveler has always been about the journey and not the destination. Upon returning home we tell tales of the faces we saw, the cuisine that awoke our senses, and the emotions that all of these experiences left us with.

Trips for travelers, by travelers

We are an organization built top to bottom by lifelong travelers. We all have the same passion for trips, adventure and exploration! We design our packages and our trip advice based around the amazing locations and experiences that we have shared, and the trips we want you to take part in.

We are committed to people and not just places

Good Life Travels sees your next trip as far more than just another photo opportunity. Traveling is about culture, people, and cuisine. We will make sure that you get all of that when you take a trip with Good Life Travels. Aside from the experiences that you will carry with you after your trip, Good Life ensures that the communities you leave behind will be taken care of as well. Good Life invests at least 5% of annual profits in the lower income communities in these countries, ensuring that by traveling you leave more behind than memories, you leave behind hope.

We are owned by a non profit

Good Life Travels is one of the few, if not only Travel Agency that is so committed to giving back that we are 100% owned by a non-profit. MEDLIFE is an American non-profit (MEDLIFE stands for Medicine, Education & Development for Low Income Families Everywhere) that owns Good Life Travels.


“A journey is a person in itself… We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.”
– John Steinbeck